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A Friend and Artist in Need

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 7:39 PM


I want to take this time to bring attention to a lovely lady I’ve known for years. Her name is Karine or Sahtori-Khamaya
(tumblr  | deviantART  | facebook  | patreon).  

She’s a talented artist who creates such beautiful, ethereal work like these (all from her dA gallery):

Your NIGHTMARES ... by Sahtori-KamayaOne with the Universe by Sahtori-KamayaFe'Ather Special by Sahtori-Kamaya

Unfortunately, she’s had to live a rough life. Besides being brought up in an abusive household she’s been diagnosed with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (among other things), and lately she’s had to deal with tumours, which are growing again. As you can imagine, this not only becomes tiring but also costly.

Some time ago she was able to move out of her abusive home, which was great, but her financial situation has dropped significantly again and its highly likely she’ll be forced to move back in and that is obviously not beneficial whatsoever. She still has to pay for all her medical bills and cannot even afford to go to the doctor’s anymore to get her tumour treated or get her medication. A huge problem.

This is such a scary and serious situation. I don’t want her returning to an abusive home and I don’t want her considering or attempting suicide (she’s tried before). I just want her to have a life free from these problems or relieve as much of it as possible. It’s hard enough to deal with depression, CFS, to build a fan base for the artwork she loves to make, and still have enough energy at the end of the day to do anything more.

Currently, she has a patreon where she hopes to make enough money not only to help herself, but to pay other artists she’s collaborating with on a comic that’s currently in pre-production. She does also have a gofundme page focusing on just a small portion of her medical finances.

It would mean so much if you could help her out whether it be financially or by spreading the word. Or if you live in and around Belgium and know of a way she can move to a safer and reasonably priced home instead of her abusive family’s that would also be splendid. Or help her with groceries. Or provide a better computer since the one she has is on its last legs and can’t handle the work anymore and if you’re a digital artist like she is and also make money off of it you would understand how crucial it is to have a working computer. Or if there is any other way you can think of to help her that would be super.

If you want, I’m also willing to draw you a sketch of whatever character or scenery or something you want (with proof of you helping her). I wish I could do more, but my time is incredibly limited due to this being my final year of school and I’m responsible for making an animated film all by myself. But if you are fine with that then by all means please help her and let me know about it so I can get on with that sketch of yours during my free time.

Please please please consider helping her. Let’s bring a genuine smile to her face once again. It’s been way too long since that’s happened. Again her links here:

tumblr | deviantART | facebook | patreon | gofundme

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

With love and sincerity,

Akogare Zephyr

  • Mood: Sympathy

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